David Ellington
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Here I am with the "Marbles"' crew; with engineer, Josh Thane; assistant engineer, Patrick McConkey; and producer, Coy Bowles.
Bridget Kitson in the studio singing "Bridgetown" from "Marbles From A Drawer".
with Wess Anderson and Mark Rapp at 'The Velvet Note' (January 2016). Photo courtesy of Susan Rosmarin.
with Mark Rapp at 'The Velvet Note' (January 2016). Photo courtesy of Susan Rosmarin.
Sitting in with The Zac Brown Band at Music Midtown, Piedmont Park, Atlanta (September 2014). Photo courtesy of Andy Sapp.
The Rick Lollar Band's "Soulful Hang" CD Release Party, Tallahassee, FL (February 2012).
Playing a duo with 'The Man', Joey DeFrancesco playing drums! [my hands were literally shaking while I played; ha ha!] I supplied my 1970 Hammond B3 for this Master Class at Georgia State University (April 2014).
Performing with 'CC Booker' at Eddie's Attic in Atlanta. Photo courtesy of Vincent Tseng.
... back in the studio making progress (April 2015).
Performing with the Kenyon Carter Quintet in Thomaston, GA (2009).
Photo courtesy of Ellen Tew.
'Doppelgangerdoggers' by Moon Tucker (February 2012).
Playing the Hammond at Candler Park Fest with 'CC Booker' (2010).
With Troi Bechet and Stevie Wonder (2003).
Performing at the Atlanta Airport with 'CC Booker' (2011).
Pictured with Mark Raudabaugh and Rick Lollar.
My beautiful daughter, Bridget Kitson (August 2013).
The Atlanta Collective with Rick Lollar, Kyshona Armstrong, Tom Gray, Ian Newberry, Jon Liebman, Robby Handley, Franher Joseph, and Marlon Patton (November 2014).
A great gig at Bradfordville Blues with Roosevelt C. and Rick Lollar (April 2013).
Making some fabulous music at Churchill Grounds in Atlanta with Daniel Baraszu, Sam Skelton and Chris Burroughs (April 2015).